Wholesale Contact

Wholesale Contact

In order to place an order for Cheeba Chews™, you must have a licensed dispensary, in good standings with the state you operate within. No exceptions will be made.

Pricing for Cheeba Chews are set at the most competitive price we can provide for our dispensary partners. Discounts and rebates are not currently available.

It’s actually like #quarantine day 10,
but who’s counting?!? #SocialDistance #mentalvacation

“I’m a good dad” I whisper to myself, as I change my son out of last night’s pajamas and into tonight’s pajamas

When the chew hits before you finish your morning coffee. #wakeandbake #MorningJoe #Isolation

shoutout to everybody selling weed in these dark times we need u

Shelter in place, unless....

I think I’ve seen just about enough of today’s #QuarentineLife. Will try again tomorrow. #groundhogday #wakeandbake

Who can relate?

Documenting the #quarantine of 2020 so my future grandkids understand the sacrifice we had to make. #stayathome