Wholesale Contact

Wholesale Contact

In order to place an order for Cheeba Chews™, you must have a licensed dispensary, in good standings with the state you operate within. No exceptions will be made.

Pricing for Cheeba Chews are set at the most competitive price we can provide for our dispensary partners. Discounts and rebates are not currently available.

Warning for Canadians new to weed:

Pot edibles are MUCH STRONGER than marijuana flower. Candies & cookies may seem "friendly" but they are extremely powerful. Please use with extreme caution. Consume a small amount & wait *at least* an hour before taking more.

Be safe & enjoy!

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@CheebaChew pre flight feels like im going mach 4 on space mountain. whilst listening to @rammstein nonetheless. what a time to be alive 🚀✨

Got @CheebaChew ?

(Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age and older) #lasvegas #silversagewellness #cheebachews @SSW_LV

Is this accurate? Must know. For a friend.

Strawberry Cheeba chews really are one of the most dangerously tasty candy I’ve ever eaten

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