Wholesale Contact

Wholesale Contact

In order to place an order for Cheeba Chews™, you must have a licensed dispensary, in good standings with the state you operate within. No exceptions will be made.

Pricing for Cheeba Chews are set at the most competitive price we can provide for our dispensary partners. Discounts and rebates are not currently available.

NEW PRODUCT: The Hemp @CheebaChew CBD line is available in four flavors. https://t.co/5tLt7jGZmi

Mangos and Cheeba Chews in the mornin'

I got some #CheebaChews while in Colorado this week. Why? Because my wife says @Andy loves them & I have to try them 🤷🏻‍♂️ Happy Wife, Happy life right? She wasn’t wrong & I love them! Thanks #AndyCohen 🤘🏻

Should I go home after work and eat an entire package of cheeba chews and just forget about it all?

@CheebaChew will be visiting our Trinidad store today 1pm -3pm. Stop by and say hi and get an additional 10% off Cheeba Chews!

Stop by our Pueblo South location today 1pm - 3pm to say hi to our @CheebaChew rep and score 10% off Cheeba Chews!

I’ve just learned that a 10mg cheeba chew should be two servings for me as I currently feel like I’m moonwalking

Most of my meals now days are just hella edibles @CheebaChew thank yourself ✊🏽🙌🏽