Wholesale Contact

Wholesale Contact

In order to place an order for Cheeba Chews™, you must have a licensed dispensary, in good standings with the state you operate within. No exceptions will be made.

Pricing for Cheeba Chews are set at the most competitive price we can provide for our dispensary partners. Discounts and rebates are not currently available.

For every bag of Pure CBD Cheeba Chews sold in November -- #CheebaChew is donating $1 towards Pancreatic Cancer! Available at #SacredSeed

Debating on whether to take the second half Cheeba Chew or not?... Been debating all day.

What's your favorite flavor of Cheeba to Chew? 🍬 Snag a pack of @cheeba_chews at the shop to make it through this slow moving Thanksgiving Monday 😋

So I guess the cats out of the bag! Couldn’t be more honored to continue our relationship with our friends over @CheebaChew — this time taking the hemp CBD infused chews nationally with… https://t.co/cXMhOgRrPD

Last night was way too extra. #indica #cheebachews #andchill #cuffingseason #AboutLastNight

@HoldMyBluntt Getting to try cheeba chews for the first time here in a week. What should I expect from 30mg? I'm thinking 20 to 30mg for the first time.

Just got gifted a 175mg Cheeba Chew. We live in the future.

I haven’t spoken to him yet but it’s definitely him. I want to say hi but I took a Cheeba Chew and I’m not sure that’s advisable.