Drumroll Please...

Introducing: Strawberry Cheeba Chews.


What does the perfect edible taste like? Sweet. But not too sweet. A perfect, fresh juicy strawberry flavor. “Almost too good to be an edible,” you’ll say to yourself as you realize you’re eating through your 10 pack more quickly than anticipated. These delectable, crave-able pink taffy pieces are hiding a barely distinguishable 10mg of sativa or indica THC in each piece. In short, Strawberry Cheeba Chews are the bomb.


The new Cheeba Chew Sativa and Indica Strawberry Fruit Chews carry the exact same potency that made the Original Cheeba Chew Chocolate Taffy recipe America’s Favorite Edible. (-High Times Magazine)

Ripe with fresh strawberry flavor.

Strawberry Cheeba Chews

10 pack = 100mg

Sativa & Indica

Not convinced? Culture magazine loved them. You can check out their write-up here.


If you are a regular Cheeba Chew consumer, you’ll recognize the packaging immediately. Our 10-packs are child-resistent and individually sealed to keep unopened Cheeba Chews as fresh as the day you bought them. That’s just a small part of what makes Cheeba Chews America’s Favorite Edible.

How do you fit so much flavor into such a small box? With expertise.

A Colorado Budtender Favorite.