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Products manufactured at our state compliant facilities are sold to licensed dispensaries only. We do not currently have the ability to sell directly to consumers. Please refer to our map for stocked dispensaries here.

You can currently find Cheeba Chews™ at licensed facilities in Colorado, California, and Nevada. Please view our map here to find closest locations to you.

@RichOToole CBD Cheeba Chews. 1/2 in the morning and afternoon.

And I’m a WAY better mom when I’m calm instead of yelling about nothing. So there you go moms. Put down that rosé and pick up a @CheebaChew

One of my neighbors order the CBD @CheebaChew for pain and they threw out all their other pain killers cause they weren’t working anymore! And says he feels much better and can function 👏🏿👏🏿

Tbh #GreenShirtGuy just looks like he had too many Cheeba Chews for breakfast.

We now stock America's favorite edible!! 🍩🍭🍫 Cheeba Chews have been producing consistently dependable edibles for about 10 years now and have just released a 50state legal Full spectrum CBD taffy. Hemp Cheeba Chews are 25mg per chew. Available in 4pk, 10pk, and 20pks 🍫🍫💨

Cheeba Chews have come up with a new and fruity version of their classic taffy - Sour Apple Chews! A great treat during the summer heat!
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Keep out of reach of children. For use by adults 21 years of age and older.

@duncantrussell why are cheeba chews so potent and why is Johny Pemberton vs AT&T the greatest piece of media I've consumed this year

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