A new twist on a consumer favorite.


An early 2018 survey of Colorado budtenders revealed that the new, cannabis-infused Green Hornet Gummies, that just recently hit retail shelves in the state, are an overwhelming success.

97% of Budtenders surveyed believed new Green Hornet Gummies to be a superior product solution.

- 2018 Colorado Budtender Industry Conference

Start Low, Take it Slow.

When it comes to THC infused edibles (and even CBD infused edibles) navigating appropriate dosages and effect can leave newcomer’s feeling overwhelmed. No matter how naive or well-seasoned of a smoker you consider yourself, chances are you’ve mistaken a Marijuana Myth for truth.

Here at Cheeba Chews, we want to take the guesswork out of getting high. A good edible should:

1. Offer a consistent experience that you can trust. 2. Always be in secure and discreet packaging so you can indulge anytime anywhere, whether or not you want to share. 3. Taste great!

We want your first experience with us to be your best experience. That’s why we ensure consistency in potency across all of our products by testing potency at 3 key points. The Flower. The Oil. The Edible.

Sounds like overkill but it’s the only way we can confidently ensure our customers will get the consistent and potent effects they are looking for.

How can I know how much THC is in an edible?

Green Hornet products are only sold in licensed Recreational Marijuana shops & licensed Medical Marijuana shops so the potency of your product will always be clearly labeled. While some companies rely on the consumer to take a chance at breaking off their best portion, Green Hornet Gummies take the guesswork out so you can know exactly how many milligrams you’ve eaten and can easily pinpoint your personal tolerance level.

A more convenient way to consume cannabis-infused gummies.

-Green Hornet Gummies

Where can I find Green Hornet Gummies?

Currently, Green Hornet Gummies are being sold in 2 different states for recreational and medical use in a variety of different flavors.

Click below for links to each market’s availability.