Green Hornet™ gummies are known for their refreshing fruit taste and consistent dosing.

How could that get any better? With a 1:1 ratio!

The new sweet, tart, and tasty black cherry flavored gummies pack an amazing 1:1 punch. At 10mg of THC AND 10mg CBD in each gummy, you get the best of both worlds, all in one delicious package.

Like all Green Hornet™ gummies, our black cherry recipe is delivered in a convenient blister package that allows you to accurately dose without worries of over consumption or melted product.
With independent lab testing on each batch, you can trust that each gummy will deliver an even and tasteful 1:1 ratio.

Each 10 pack of black cherry Green Hornet gummies contains a whopping 100mg of THC AND 100mg of CBD. All blended into a tasty treat for you to enjoy.

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