source: Lisa, Alpha Medic (Patient)
Broke my back in 3 places and fractured my neck, damaged nerves 7 yrs ago. Needed cadaver bones to rebuild back. Chronic pain and stress caused stroke and mild heart attack, and severe blood pressure during those 7 yrs. Took CHEEBA CHEWS FOR 6 MOS. and BP went down, menstrual cycle returned after 7 yrs.. Nerve pain and anxiety also went down. Still need meds due to fractured L5, and bone chips penetrating the spinal canal, but UNBELIEVABLE REPAIR of ENTIRE nervous and blood system. Doctors could never explain why I had severe nerve pain, blood disorders. ALL GONE OR REDUCED in 6 months after 7 years of useless treatments and literally dozens of different pills. Not to mention the costs and side effects. And Thank You DEA for forcing me to take MM by making it impossible to obtain pain meds on a regular basis and by harassing doctors who legally prescribe them.

source: Susan (patient)
I'm absolutely amazed!

I moved out here last summer from the east coast and went cold turkey on all of my narcotics at the same time. I didn't realize how screwed up I was until I got unscrewed. Unfortunately, being a chronic pain patient, that put me in a uncomfortable and painful "catch 22" so I decided to try the MMJ route. I've smoked my entire adult life but never really with a "medication" state of mind. After a year (narcotic free) I just tried your chews yesterday when the pain from a move got to be too much. I couldn't believe the relief I got! I'll be a repeat customer for sure and thank you so much!

Green and sober

source: Trevor (patient)
I have been using your products to control my epileptic seizures and about 2 months ago i bought 10 packs of the CBDs in the little blue boxes and this product is AMAZING!!!! It has completely stopped all of my seizures and I feel great!! I have dialed my body in to a perfect harmony on these CBD cheeba chews.  Bless you.         

source: Don (patient)

I am a 26 year smoker, lived in Amsterdam, medicated with EVERYTHING…seriously everything that I see made from cannabis I have tried.

Been battling severe depression for a few years brought on by 2 deaths in my family very close together. NOTHING worked. I didn't really understand suicidal thoughts until I starting having them and I couldn't manage to escape my own mind. Every day was worse than the last and no matter what I tried nothing that ever mattered to my in 40+ years of life mattered any 


Like I said I have been a cannabis consumer for such a long time I was just trying something new when I ate half a Sativa Cheeba Chew and my mind starting thinking differently. A couple of months later and I am using one candy in three pieces per day and it's working like a charm. Not only have the dark feelings subsided I am better than my old self. Suddenly getting 

more done, sleeping well, eating well and even being more physically active.

I am getting my life back a little at a time and can't thank you enough for the products your make.

I MEAN I TRIED EVERYTHING!!! I even sold Dank Grasshopper candy bars to dispensaries for a while around LA. Brownies, jolly dancers, breath strips, oils, honey, ice cream, bhang, space cakes the list goes on and on.

So, please keep an ample supply flowing. My only fear in life now is not being able to find more when I run out. The other edibles are crap.

Thanks again!


source: Lindsay (MMJ Patient)
I have tried many different edibles over the years and have always been disappointed. I was skeptical of Cheeba Chews but decided to try...WOW, absolutely the BEST edible on the market for MMJ patients. Does EXACTLY what I need it to and has cut my smoking down by almost 80% which thrills me. Thank you for creating an awesome medical product that WORKS and LASTS!~ I <3 Cheeba Chews!!!!!!! Everyone should try them, you will be blown away!

source: High Grade Alternatives
I have to say that your product is by far the best I have tried, whether it be a strain or edible, for sleeping. The indica effect helps me sleep more soundly than I ever have. The taste is great too. You have come up with a fantastic product that I have recommended to every other mmj user I know...I can't tell you how much I like your product. They are by far the best thing I have ever tried for getting a solid night's sleep. Kudos to you guys for coming up with such a wonderful product. - High Grade Alternatives

source: David (Patient)
I am a regular consumer of your product who rather recently has been force to quit smoking due to irritation in my throat and lungs. If not for your product, I would have no practical way to stay in touch with the life altering medicinal qualities provided for me by cannabis. I am so grateful for this fact that I have been inspired to contact you guys in an effort to support your cause in any way that I can. Whether it be an anonymous written review, or a volunteer and or employment opportunity, I am here. If no such opportunities exist, please accept my deepest gratitude for creating such a wonderful product. ;)


source: High Times Magazine
"Colorado locals know all to well about the fabled Cheeba Chews and judges learned firsthand about the power they possess.  On the exterior they look like innocent little Tootsie Rolls.  But inside something powerful lurks.  Beware, these are not single doses!"

source: Sarah P (MMJ Patient)
Hey all. Just wanted to say that these are the best edibles hands down. I will never buy anything but Cheeba Chews again. Consistency is nearly impossible with a majority of what is out there. THIS is what patients need. These seriously make my life and pain more tolerable. I can't be more grateful that I FINALLY found something that works! Peace. Be well. Keep on truckin!

"The heavily sedative and relaxing effects were exactly as advertised by the Indica labeling, providing a strong and quality package of effects that had all of our staff heavily medicated at various stages. Lasting some reviewers out into the 6th hour, the duration is top-notch for an edible, especially considering that the “comedown” effects can be nearly as strong as the peak effects, since the main result of both is a heavy sleepiness....We give the Quad Dose Indica Cheeba Chews a hearty recommendation for those seeking relaxation and especially sleep aid” these are the most potent and effective edible we've tested here at KindReviews thus far."

source: Aaron (patient)
I have just been recently introduced to your Cheeba Chews. An owner of a Center gave me one for free so maybe I would not have to take as many Vicoden since I have a torn disc in my back and a bulging disc in my neck. On a normal night I go to sleep and can only sleep about four hours before waking up to take a pain pill. Two nights ago I took a Quad Dose Indica Cheeba Chew which allowed me to sleep for seven uninterrupted hours and when I woke up I did not have to take a pain pill to noon. Which on a normal day I would have already taken one Vicoden. Thank You, Very Much. 

source: The Strain Man
Wow these Cheeba Chews are great. Good work guys, please keep it up.

source: Preferred Organic Wellness & Therapy
As an owner of a MMJ center I have eaten many edibles and I can honestly say that your chews are the best!! Please don't ever change your recipe. Good work! -Andrew Klein

source: Marie (patient)
I love the Cheeba Chews. It is the only edible that has ever worked for me. Thank you for a quality product, that brings much relief.

source: Tanner K (patient)

most radical thing ever invented! if our country was caught up to the times this would go down with the light bulb as one of the greatest inventions of all time!
shaka bra!

source: Richard V (patient)
Someone gave me 1 at The Herbs Dispensary in Berthoud to try. Wow! Demerol & Morphine are being pushed further & further away. Thanks

source: Marty (MMJ Patient)
Hello and THANK YOU! 
Even though you have heard it many times before, I need to truly thank you for creating an edible that works for me. I had given up on eating mmj.

source: Matt B (MMJ Patient)
Best edible out there!

source: Lannette (MMJ Patient)
Just tried the indica version of Cheeba Chews this week. Wisely cut it into four sections, too! Very potent! :) Thank you!

source: Blunt J (MMJ Patient)
Love the product! Keep up the great work and i hope the company reaches the peak in the 303 in 2011. Much love!

source: Sheena (MMJ Patient)
Cheeba Chews.... I LOVE U! :D

source: snoboy_
Cheeba Chews? HOLY F*CK! Best edible ever. -

source: burntownballer
Cheeba Chews, they f*cking rule. One whole Indica uad dose Cheeba Chew and I'm down for a good 12 hours. -

source: Bella (MMJ Patient)
Get the Cheeba Chews. They are awesome. You can eat as much as you like so that is nice to be able to control it. Half of one is plenty enough, but I go with a 1/4 if I need to be out and about. They freeze well and you can save them a long as you want. HIGHLY recommended. I know they have them at Mountain Medicine Group, but I am sure they are all over Boulder by now. -

source: Danny M (MMJ Patient)

source: Museum
Cheeba Chews are the most intense edible I've ever consumed. I always get a fantastic body high from the Indica/Hybrid chews, and the Sativa chews offer a less sleepy experience.

source: Universal Herbs (MMJ Center)
This stuff rocks! It last a long time, and taste amazing!

source: Alternative Medical Remedies (Penrose)
I sell the f*ck out of these at my shop! Thank you Cheeba!!

source: Victor A (MMJ Patient)
The only edible that's ever done it for me!! Cheeba Chews!

source: Shabong
The only edible that has ever worked for me. Great stuff!

source: Unky B (MMJ Patient)
Best medible on the planet.

source: skituner
Cheeba Chews are soooo legit, but super strong so i only eat like a 1/4 at a time. I would eat them at work all the time, it was awesome. I would have the nicest body high. User Profile

source: BoulderToker (
Glad to hear others have found Cheeba Chews. I absolutely love these little things.

source: Skeeordie$ (
Soooooo good. Ate one in the security line before a flight, and was severely impaired by the time I boarded; easily the strongest edible I've gotten since I've been here.

source: Boulder Meds (MMJ Center)
Hey Cheeba! Happy Valentine's Day : We are sooo happy to serve our patients Cheeba Chews! Thanks for your great product that has been an effective medication for so many patients!

source: Breckenridge Organic Therapy (MMJ Center)
Cheeba Chews IMHO are the most consistent and reliable edible on the market.

source: Lampost (Patient,
Cheeba Chews are KILL! Really happy I was finally able to try them. No doubt these are the best edibles I've purchased yet from a dispensary. 
These things appeal to me in every way. They're small... who wants to eat a frickin' cheesecake or a bowl of ice cream every time they wanna get high? I could eat this whole thing in one bite. They're tasty enough... granted it's not gourmet shit, but it's pleasant and tastes like a tootsie roll with a little herby taste. Easily palatable... unlike some of the nasty hash oil suckers I've had. They don't need to be refrigerated... 
But most of all potency! I pretty much felt like I had a joint to myself... which is exactly the description that is given on the website for a quad dose! It was a great experience... 
Cheeba Chews are #1 in my book! 

source: Herbal Remedies Denver
Thanks Cheeba Chews!! You are appreciated!

source: Weed Tour
If you have been looking for a consistently potent edible in Colorado, then look no further. Cheeba Chews claim to produce the strongest edible in the state and as far as dedicated edible manufacturers go, I would have to agree. They are a “chocolate taffy” that are akin to a Tootsie Roll and contain hash oil. All aspects are made in-house to ensure they have “100% safe and solvent-free edibles on the market.” ...Read Full Article

source: Jason (Patient)
I went to a dinner party last night. I wasn't feeling like socializing, nor was I a big fan of the dish being served. I ate 1/4th of a cheeba chew about an hour before going. Not only did I eat three servings, but I had a BLAST with the other guests. Thanks, Cheeba Chews!