About Cheeba Chews

Cheeba Chews got its start in 2009 in a home kitchen not much different than yours, the simple beginnings consisted of a Patient/Caregiver with extra trimmings off a 12 plant grow, and a question; “why cant anyone make a consistent, potent edible for patients?”. The Boulder, CO based company has grown to become one of the most well respected edible companies in the industry. The first Cheeba Chews were placed in four centers around CO; two in Boulder, one in Denver, & one in Steamboat Springs. What was about to happen, no one expected. Demand for Cheeba Chews Quad Dose exploded when consumers began to realize that there was a company providing an edible that they could depend on. Cheeba Chews brands are now the most recognized and respected in the industry and include some of the most familiar edible names: Cheeba Chews, Trics, and Green Hornets. These brands resonate strongly among every age group, culture, and demographic; proving that quality products with a greater good of the public in mind break all barriers.

Cheeba Chews is dedicated to producing the highest quality edibles, delivering superior customer service and creating a reliable and enjoyable product line to consumers. We expect our consumers and business partners to have confidence in the products bearing our name and that our products are manufactured in accordance with a guiding code of conduct. Cheeba Chews is committed to conducting business with ethical business standards and asks its vendors, and licensees to conduct themselves in the same manner.

Thank you to all our past, present, and future customers for Chews'n Wisely!